The Importance of Outboard Lower Units


July 19th, 2022 7:24 am

The Importance of Outboard Lower Units

According to the Universal Training Institute, outboard motors primarily have three sections. Many people often overlook the outboard lower units as a boat component. After all, it is not a particularly exciting piece of equipment. In reality, these units are fundamental for numerous reasons. The following explains the importance of the outboard lower units.

They Help Retain Hull Structure in the Event of a Flood or Overturn

If you are in an accident, your boat's hull is the only thing that keeps you from getting wet. Outboard lower units provide additional protection between the hull and the water. Without the outboard lower unit, you may drive the hull structure into the water in the event of an overturning or a simple bump.

They Keep the Engine in a Relatively Safe Position if You Hit Something Solid

Even if you are the most careful boater in the world, something may eventually happen. The outboard lower units help to keep the engine away from solid objects. An outboard lower unit allows you to have a cleaner run through rough waters without worrying about scraping across rocks or mud banks. In some cases, you can accomplish this by using a trim tab. That said, it will take a lot more management and coordination on behalf of the pilot.

They Keep the Engine Out of the Rain

Outboard lower units increase your chances of keeping water away. If you have an outboard lower unit, you are less likely to find yourself in the rain without shelter. Additionally, no matter how reliable your bilge pump systems are, they will not remove all the water inside the boat if you hit something solid or come through a heavy downpour.

They Provide a More Stable Surface for Handling the Throttle Stick

The outboard lower units offer you a better surface to grab onto. With these units, you can better feel and control the throttle. If your teak is wet, this can be precarious at best. You are almost always in a safe position with an outboard lower unit. These units make it easier to handle the throttle stick and control speed appropriately.

Outboard lower units are all the rage these days and have been for quite some time. However, it is important to remember that outboard lower units require maintenance just like a vehicle does. For more details about outboard lower units or to schedule your maintenance, contact us today at Southcentral Outboards.