Lower Units and Outdrives


Used Outboard Lower Unit Parts

First and foremost, we have been dedicating countless hours and resources toward our cleaning, polishing, and storage processes since the day we opened the doors. Having been in many shops as well as “parts businesses” over the years, I knew from day one that I wouldn’t be willing to settle for the way things have always been done. So, while most parts businesses list it dirty and throw it on a shelf to rust, we spend hours every day preparing each and every part , then carefully oiling and often wrapping the parts one at a time so you can be sure that what you see in the picture is what you receive.

As soon as a lower unit is removed from the engine, we test it to ensure that it goes smoothly in and out of gear. At that point, the lower unit is drained. A trained technician inspects the condition of the oil. Primarily they are looking for water and rust. Once the outboard lower units have been drained, it is pressure-tested to assess the condition of the seals. This process is extremely important because if a unit hasn’t been tested, it may cost more to repair than the cost of the unit in the first place. With most units, we will remove the bearing carrier in order to physically inspect the condition of the gears and clutch dog. In some cases, we will replace a seal if the unit does not hold pressure but generally, we’ll lower the price accordingly and note the seal that needs to be replaced. Depending on the time of year and our workload, we can replace one seal or do a complete seal kit, if you contact us prior to purchase. We don’t charge hourly so we’re exceptionally reasonable with our prices if this is your wish. Once the pressure test is complete, we inspect for propeller shaft straightness and spline condition on both the driveshaft and propeller shaft. The unit is then cleaned and prepared for listing. Due to shipping regulations, we do not refill the oil on lower units so they ship empty. One thing that is generally not checked is the condition of impellers. The reason for this is that by manufacturer standards, impellers should be changed at intervals between 1 and 3 years. Given that we do not know the history on every unit, it is important that you replace the impeller prior to use in any case. Like the replacement of leaking seals, we can install a brand new impeller for you prior to shipping if you contact us beforehand. In this case, we only charge the cost of impeller. There is no labor charge.

The Quality You Deserve

Unlike other marine shops, our attention to detail when it comes to the used outboard lower unit parts that we offer is unparalleled. We only sell products we would be willing to use ourselves, which is why you can trust in our refurbishing and testing process. Let our customer reviews speak for themselves and see why we are the number one marine shop in the industry. When you choose to buy our outboard lower units, you will also receive friendly and professional service that you can't get from anywhere else. Whether new, used, or refurbished, you can count on the parts we have to offer.