Power Tilt and Trim Units


Dependable Outboard Power Trims

First and foremost, we have been dedicating countless hours and resources toward our cleaning, polishing, and storage processes since the day we opened the doors. Having been in many shops as well as “parts businesses” over the years, I knew from day one that I wouldn’t be willing to settle for the way things have always been done. So, while most parts businesses list it dirty and throw it on a shelf to rust, we spend hours every day preparing each and every part , then carefully oiling and often wrapping the parts one at a time so you can be sure that what you see in the picture is what you receive.

In every possible case, trim units are tested while still installed. There is no way to ensure that a unit holds pressure without having pressure on it so if for any reason the unit cannot be tested on the engine, it is removed and put in a jig in order to simulate a working environment. In other words, we put weight on it and ensure that it goes up, down, and that it will hold in the up position. We leave it in the up position for a minimum of one hour and check to ensure that it hasn’t leaked off at that time. The rod is inspected to ensure that it’s straight and free of any scratches that could cause problems down the road. Each threaded hole is inspected to make sure they aren’t stripped. Lines, when applicable, are checked for kinks, straightness, and so forth. The unit is then thoroughly washed and listed.

Every Make and Model to Meet Your Needs

Here at Southcentral Outboards, we don't just want to sell you the highest-quality outboard power trims you can find. We also want you to have a stellar experience before and after the purchase. From the moment you contact us looking for the power trim you need, we will be by your side helping you choose the right parts and making sure you're satisfied. We, therefore, supply many types of parts so that you never have to walk away empty-handed, and our refurbishing process will ensure that your outboard power trims work well for a long time.