Sterndrive and Jetdrive Products


Jetdrives & Parts

While we do not bring in a lot of jet drives, every complete jetdrive or part is disassembled, inspected, and reassembled prior to listing for sale.

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Sterndrive Ignition & Electrical

We have a growing list of sterndrive parts. When possible, parts are tested, inspected, cleaned, and sold as bolt and go parts for your motor.

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Sterndrive Engines

Engine blocks are checked for compression, disassembled as necessary, and cleaned for use. Add your external parts, bolt it in, and hit the water!

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Sterndrive Manifolds and Risers

Manifolds, risers, etc…are specifically inspected for cracks prior to sale. As time progresses, we hope to provide a full line of rebuilt manifolds that have been repaired, repainted, and inspected for use.

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Sterndrive Gimbal & Transom Assy

Transom assemblies are inspected to the best of our ability to ensure that there are no stripped threads or worn parts. Our goal is to sell good, clean replacement parts that have seen freshwater use only, and that can be put into immediate service.

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Sterndrive Upper Outdrives & Housings

Before selling any upper cases, we remove covers to inspect the gears, count the teeth, and clean. If we find any damage whatsoever, we will fully disassemble the case and sell the remaining good parts only. When you receive one of these parts from us, it will be in perfect working condition and ready for installation.

Sterndrive Upper Outdrives & Housings

Sterndrive Fuel Parts

As with any fuel part, all old fuel is removed. In many cases, we soda blast the outside to remove built up fuel varnish, grease, and dirt. Carburetors should be rebuilt prior to use.

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