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Midsection Products and Used Outboard Power Trims

Exhaust & Driveshaft Housings

Driveshaft housings are disassembled as necessary and generally sold in parts. We clean these and only save housings that are considered to be in excellent condition. You care about how your engine looks and so do we.

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Adaptor Plates

Every adaptor plate is soda blasted to remove all carbon, dirt, and gasket material. Even the oldest adaptor plates are clean enough eat off of by the time we finish. No one puts the time and care into replacement adaptors that you will find below.

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Swivel Brackets

We only sell freshwater swivel brackets. Every swivel has been carefully degreased, cleaned, and is ready for use on your engine.

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Steering Arms

We only sell freshwater parts for used outboard power trims. Any steering arm that comes in with rust is sent to the scrap pile. The threads are carefully cleaned with the soda blaster. This allows us a perfect inspection surface to ensure that the splines and threads are undamaged and ready for installation.

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Transom & Clamp Brackets

Transom brackets are cleaned of all dirt and grease prior to listing. If screw clamps are present, the threads will be undamaged and ready for use.

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Power Trim & Lift Assist

Whether you need refurbished outboard power trims or lift assist assemblies, each of these has been checked while still on the engine. If they come in loose, we use the system to lift a minimum of 500 lbs. to ensure that they work smoothly up, down, and that they will hold in the up position for a minimum of 1 hour.

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Power Trim Parts

We carry a large line of parts for used outboard power trims if you wish to perform your own repair. Rams, manifolds, lines, motors, etc…have all been thoroughly cleaned and are in guaranteed working condition.

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Tiller Handles

Tiller handles are sold fully assembled unless otherwise listed. These have been cleaned, inspected, and are ready to bolt and go.

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Tilt Tubes

Each tilt tube is soda blasted and polished on the lathe. We clean out the splines, check the inside, and only sell freshwater tilt tubes that are in excellent working condition.

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From the newest mount to the very oldest, we take each of these out of the engine, thoroughly clean them, and inspect for any sign of cracking, dry rot, or other damage. If it’s not in like new condition, we don't sell it.

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Trim Covers

In addition to refurbished outboard power trims, we have a huge line of trim covers for various engines, from the 50's through the present. Each cover has been 100% inspected and is free of cracks or any other damage that would keep it from being ready for use.

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Exhaust Tubes

All exhaust tubes are soda blasted to remove carbon, grease, and dirt. When possible, we also clean the inside by the same method. You take pride in your engine, and any exhaust tube you find here will make you know that we feel exactly the same about it.

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Water Pickup

Water pickup tubes have all been thoroughly cleaned and hand polished. We carefully check to ensure that they’re straight, as applicable, and that the ends are undamaged and ready for installation.

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