Lower Unit Products


New and Refurbished Outboard Engine Lower Units

When it comes to owning a boat, having a reliable lower unit in your outboard engine is key. If you're looking for an affordable alternative to buying new, why not consider investing in a refurbished lower unit boat engine? Not only will it be lower in cost than a new one, but many times, when the lower unit has been restored properly and inspected carefully, the quality is the same as what you can get buying something brand new. Southcentral Outboards offers lower units that have been thoroughly inspected and rebuilt with only high-quality replacement parts so you can trust that they'll perform at optimal levels. Investing in a refurbished lower unit for your boat engine is an economical option that can help keep your boat going strong for many seasons to come!

Complete New and Refurbished Lower Units

We sell a growing line of complete lower unit and outdrives that have been opened, inspected, pressure-checked, and are ready for use. Any issue will be noted in the listing. At your request, we can install any necessary seals or impellers prior to shipping.

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Empty Housings

We have a large supply of empty cases, many of which have not yet been listed. Each empty case is cleaned, inspected for damage, and sold as ready for rebuild. If you don’t see what you need, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Drive Shafts

Each driveshaft is polished on the lathe. Splines are glass beaded for a perfectly inspectable surface. Shafts are sold free of rust, grease, dirt, etc…bearing surfaces have been inspected to factory specs and any flaw will be noted in the listing.

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Propeller Shafts

Every propshaft has been put on the lathe for polishing and inspection for straightness. As a final step, we tape off the bearing surfaces and glass bead them. By doing so, we can better inspect every surface of each shaft, ensure that it is suitable for use, and you will receive a shaft that looks as close to new as we can provide.

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Without a doubt, we have one of the finest selection of used gears in the country. Each gear is removed, cleaned, and glass beaded. We've taken the guesswork out of used gears by providing surfaces that are so clean as to make flaws stand out. This has become the go-to place for a number of refurbished lower units over the years because we only sell gears that are in excellent, usable condition and ready for install.

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Bearing Carriers

Bearing carriers are glass beaded, then centrifugally polished. The final product is a carrier that has had every bit of dirt, grease, and carbon removed for inspection and looks as close to new as we can get it.

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Upper & Lower Shift Rods

Each shift rod is polished, checked for straightness, and ready for installation.

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Impellers, Water Pumps, Seals, & Bearings

We only sell new, or high quality aftermarket replacement parts such as impellers, water pumps, seals, etc…If you need a part and do not see it, please don't hesitate to ask.

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Propellers & Hardware

We have many stainless and aluminum propellers, as well as the hardware to install them. Each prop is inspected for damage that will affect the working condition of the part.

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* Note: for propellers, please go to the category "General".

* Note: for Sterndrive Uppers and Driveshaft Housings, please see "Sterndrive & Jetdrive Parts".