Fuel and Oil System Products


Complete Carburetors

All carburetors come from freshwater engines. The bowls are removed and they are cleaned. We will install new rebuild kits upon request or we can source the rebuild kits if you wish to do so yourself. In some cases, a rebuild may not be necessary but given the age of most carburetors, it should at least be considered with any used carburetor.

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Fuel Pumps

We sell fuel pumps both new and rebuilt. In either case, the fuel pump has been thoroughly cleaned and is guaranteed to be in perfect working condition. If rebuilt, we have fully disassembled, soda blasted, polished, and reinstalled the fuel pump with all new gaskets, to ensure many years of future service.

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VRO Pumps

We sell both used and rebuilt VRO pumps for all ages of Johnson and Evinrude engines. Used VRO pumps come with a minimum 14 day warranty. Rebuilt VRO pumps have been serviced on both the fuel and oil side and all new OEM parts have been installed to ensure years of future use.

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Choke Solenoids, Primer Solenoids, & Enrichener Valves

Electric choke solenoids have been tested and polished in a centrifugal barrel polisher. Primer solenoids and enricheners are visually inspected and come in guaranteed working condition.

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Intake Manifolds & Reeds

Reeds are soda blasted to ensure that they are clean, rust free, and ready for use in your engine. We remove all gasket material from old intakes, which will save you both time and money during installation.

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Air Silencer & Sound Attenuator

We carry a huge line of air boxes, all of which have been disassembled and cleaned. When available, they are sold with the original gaskets and hardware.

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Fuel and Oil Injection

Fuel injectors are ultrasonically cleaned to remove old fuel deposits from the smallest jets and to ensure years of future use. Oil Injectors are soda blasted to remove any old oil, grease, dirt, and rust. They are inspected to ensure that they are clean, working, and ready for use.

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Fuel and Oil Tanks

Any tank we sell has been washed out so that when you receive it, it is free of old dirt, grease, and oil. Each tank we sell is guaranteed to be in perfect working condition, unless otherwise stated in the listing.

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