Vapor Blasting FAQ's


How much does it cost?

Vapor blasting provides fantastic results at exceptional prices. We have a 1 hour minimum shop rate so it's always advisable to get more than one part in at a time. If you want to have a single carburetor done, it's not going to take an hour so in cases like this, it's best to piggy-back a flywheel or something else on at the same time and you end up getting more bang for your buck. It's impossible to do any more than estimate a job without seeing it because the condition of the parts plays such a large factor in time spent but in order to give you an idea, we ran some times on the before and after pictures that you'll find below. At the bottom right hand corner on each finished part picture, you can see a number. That was the number of minutes it took to finish the part. What's important to you is important to us, so providing top quality work at fair prices is what we key in on with every part we do!

What kind of parts can be done?

We vapor blast aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, and stainless. The finish produced will be satin matte, so please understand that this is not a polishing process for a stainless steel prop.  It's fantastic on any kind of cast products and it'll leave a clean finish on forged products. We spend the majority of our time on carburetors, bare aluminum flywheels, cylinder heads and head covers, antique outboards, and propellers. We have also done quite a bit of work on ATV and motorcycle parts for those of you with those machines. I cannot, as a rule, blast something with bearings in it so if your assembly has bearings, please have them removed beforehand. We can remove bearings here, as well, but please check ahead of time to make sure we have the correct tools for your specific bearings or you end up paying me to drive it to a machine shop for disassembly and that’s not usually cost-effective.

What to expect

Vapor blasting produces parts that are pristine, often as good if not better than new. We're going to be able to remove all corrosion, oxidation, grease, grime, and carbon from your old parts and this will often remove minor casting marks as well. This will leave a satin matte finish that is generally like a brand new part. It will not remove any pitting from a part. The pitting will be exposed and corrosion inhibited but we will not be able to actually remove it.

How long before I get my parts back?

In almost every case, our turnaround is 1-2 business days, depending on the size and condition of what you need done. If we expect to take any longer than that, you will be contacted. If you need exact lead times on a job beforehand, don't hesitate to contact us.

Getting More Bang for your Buck

Anywhere from 20-50% of our time will be spent in disassembly and reassembly and we don't know your parts like you do in all cases. With particularly large assemblies, we may even have time in taking pictures beforehand to make sure that everything goes back in the same way. If you handle the disassembly, we’ll finish the parts and return them to you for reassembly. We can get a lot more work done for you this way. Additionally, if you have a dry blast operation, sending in parts that are already free of carbon, grease, dirt, etc… can greatly reduce your time spent on the vapor blasting. Please be sure that what you're dry blasting is okay to dry blast, though. While changing tolerance on a flywheel by .0001 won't matter in the least, it matters quite a bit on a piston. If you're not sure, please take time to ask and we’ll help with that.

How long will it last?

We use a good corrosion inhibitor that ensures a long life for any vapor blasted part. All non-ferrous parts will eventually oxidize again, but 3 - 5 years on a part being used in service would be standard. On an antique wall-hanger, I don't have an answer but it should stay beautiful for many, many years if it is not going to be exposed to any elements at all. You can bank on the part not darkening 3 weeks after it gets back but if you put it back in an engine and expose it to grease, oil, and heat, it's fair to say that it will eventually oxidize again. This product will stay bright for as long as you’d expect a brand new part to last, and hopefully that's a pretty definitive answer.

Where you go from here

If you would like an estimate, simply contact us. If we can't give a reasonably close estimate without seeing your parts, we'll ask for a picture. Other than that, the only thing you need to do is fill out our work order form. You can download that through the link below. Fill it out, print it, sign it, and mail it to us with your parts. As soon as we're finished with your parts, we will call you for payment. You pay for the parts and we send them back. You reinstall and brag to all your friends.

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