Fuel Pump Cores


We accept standard fuel pumps as cores so long as they are in freshwater condition and rebuildable. We will pretty much accept any core that does not have saltwater corrosion or broken fittings.

We also accept VRO and VRO2 pumps as cores. These must be in rebuildable condition. The only unacceptable condition is if the plastic case is cracked or broken, or if the fuel fittings are broken. Please be careful when checking these for damage. VRO pumps are known for cracking around the screw holes that hold the parts of the pumps together.

If an unacceptable core is sent in, we will contact you and offer to return it, contingent on you paying the return shipping for the part.

Standard fuel pumps, all makes and models prior to 1970 $10
Standard fuel pumps, all makes and models after 1970 $15
VRO Pumps, 1984-1985 $20
VRO2 pumps, 1986 & Newer $30