Carburetor Remanufacturing Form


In order to expedite your work and get parts back to you as quickly as possible, please print, fill out, and send this form with your carburetors. If you also email this to us when you send the carburetor(s), we can pre-order your kits and have them on hand when your carburetors arrive, which will save at least another day.

As soon as we finish your carburetors, we will contact you by phone for payment. Please understand that while we have a very good idea of the cost of a rebuild and have quoted that for you, this is an estimate. Each circumstance differs, and if your carburetor work requires additional parts or takes longer because the carburetors are in particularly poor condition, this can cost a little more. Likewise, if it takes less time than planned, you will be charged less.

  • Shipping: You will pay for the shipping to us. We will charge a flat rate of $10.00 for return shipping.  We usually plan on a medium flat rate box, via USPS.  If you need other shipping arrangements, please let us know beforehand and we can quote that.
  • Repair work: We have a 1 hour minimum. Outboard carburetors generally take approximately 45 minutes each. If you’re sending in 1 carburetor, you’ll pay $75 (on average). That’s for 1 hour of repair work. 2 carburetors, at an estimate of 45 minutes each, will cost approximately $112.50. 3 carburetors will cost approximately $168.75. These are approximated costs and after 1 hour, you will be charged exact time, in 15 minute increments.
  • Kits: We will install kits from either Sierra, Mallory, or the manufacturer only. These are excellent kits and they have been used here for a number of years. If you send in kits with your carburetors, we will install what you send, but cannot guarantee the kits.
  • Other repair parts, as required: We don’t install new floats or needles if the original ones are still in excellent condition. You work hard enough for your money and it is not our intent to waste it. If you specifically want other parts to be replaced regardless of the condition, please inform us up front. If a part on your carburetor is broken, we will attempt to replace it from one of our parts carburetors.  We have thousands. If it’s reasonably inexpensive, we’ll let you know at the end. If it’s going to be more than 20 dollars or so for the replacement part, we’ll call you before replacing it.
  • Tax: All services out of state are tax free.  If you are in the state of Illinois, we will charge you tax unless you are a certified business with a Tax ID.
  • Each engine requires individual adjustments. You are responsible for reinstallation and adjustments. Our work is 100% guaranteed, as are the parts, for 45 days from the date you receive the part(s).

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