What You Should Expect from Your Order


Please consider the following as our promise to you, with regard to your order:

Before Your Order

  • All parts have been professionally cleaned, tested, and stored.
  • Parts will be reasonably free of rust, grease, corrosion, carbon, etc..
  • Each part is listed correctly. In some circumstances we will use a listing for multiple items, but all items are guaranteed to be as good as the listing states or the picture shows.

When You Order

  • Parts will be professionally packaged with the best packaging we have available.
  • Orders will be insured to the value of the package.
  • Your order will be shipped within 1 business day.
  • Tracking will be provided to you for your convenience.

After Receipt of Your Order

  • You will receive the correct part.
  • The part will arrive in undamaged condition.
  • The part will work in accordance with the listing.
  • If you call us with any issue whatsoever, you will be answered promptly and your concerns will be immediately addressed.

If, for any reason, a part does not meet your expectations, please contact us. Our warranty is covered in the Warranty page, but the short of it is that every part is guaranteed to be correct to the best of our ability and that if it is not, we will make it right.