SCO Advantage


Since this business opened in 2009, it seems like every year, we have been in some marine parts business, buying them out because they failed to change with the times. This isn't how your grandfather or even your father would have bought parts. They're in much greater supply, less expensive, faster to ship, and there's more information than ever about how to install, service, and test them. Even since we opened our doors, change has been the one constant with regards to how we buy and sell parts, how we handle them, the warranty period, etc... Likewise, positive change will be increasingly necessary in the future as a greater number of sellers show up online year by year. Our goal, since the day we opened, was to be the best used outboard parts business anywhere. I'm extremely proud to have a staff that has truly bought into that philosophy over the years and thanks in no small part to their continued work and effort, I am absolutely 100% confident in saying that no marine parts business in the world puts the effort into their work that we do. I don't believe we are perfect but know that we are striving for exactly that with each passing day. You, as a buyer, are considered to be our extended family and friends. We will treat you as such and all we ask in return is that you take part in helping us achieve these goals. How? You buy parts, make suggestions, tell your friends, and let us know if something isn't exactly as you hoped for. I promise you that your input matters and every email you send is read to and responded to.

Over the years, we have made a lot of adjustments. Some have been minor and some have been major. They were each necessary to the advancement of the business and our relationship with you. I know that with so many choices out there, it is important to each customer to have a relationship with their seller that's built on trust and confidence, and we have continually strived to provide this.  As of 2016, here's where we stand:


Every part is priced against some of the cheapest places on the internet. We have to take into account how much time and effort are put into each individual part and the overall condition of what we are offering, but every part is priced conscientiously and hopefully at a price that both you and I can consider to be fair.


If you've looked around, I don't even have to explain this. Look through the parts we offer and I think it should be crystal clear what kind of quality parts we offer. We will continue to improve on what we test, refurbish, and offer to our customers.

Customer Service

When you call during business hours, you receive an answer. When you leave a message, you're called back. When you have an issue, we resolve it. Every customer. Every time!


If you order today, it's going out no later than tomorrow. Every part is exceptionally well-packaged, cushioned, and shipped within 1 business day. We have a full-service shipping department that is staffed by full-time personnel. We don't get boxes out of dumpsters. We treat your parts as well or better in some cases than what you might expect from a manufacturer sending out a brand new part.


Through this website, every single part we sell is covered by a 45 day working guarantee. All of our electronics have an outstanding one year warranty! We accept returns for essentially any reason under this program. Please note that we do have a 20% restocking fee for carburetors ordered incorrectly and installed.

Follow Through

We don't take your money and then process the rest of the order at our leisure. We care about your return business, your referrals, and your overall pleasure with your order so we treat you like we would want to be treated. Every single step is constantly considered, from the day you order until the day you return for your next parts order. We strive for happy customers and we love to hear your feedback.

Additional Services

Did you know that we now offer vapor blasting services? You can read about that on our home page. Additionally, we remanufacture hundreds of carburetors, lower units, etc... every single year for customers all over the world. Whether you're trying to get your carburetors running right again or restoring an antique outboard, there's probably a way we can help.

I'm glad you took the time to visit us today. As always, your business and continued support got us here and let it never go without saying just how much we appreciate you.

-James Foster
Southcentral Outboards