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On our shop side, engines are brought in, categorized, tested, and stripped for parts. The folks who work in our shop are exceptionally hard workers with good mechanical skills, problem-solving skills, and a willingness to get dirty doing it. They function and move in a team environment for the most part but that position always requires self-starters who are highly motivated, willing to collaborate with others and quick to pitch in and help with every project.

The parts go from teardown to our cleaning dept, where they are basically cleaned, inspected, and made presentable for listing online. Our cleaner is generally a one-person show. It requires a ton of attention to detail, pride in work, and a willingness to function as a team of one.

After parts are cleaned and inspected, they come to the office for final inspection, listing, picturing, and then they’re inventoried in and put away. This is our primary office position, although anyone who works in our office has to be willing to jump up and help anywhere else necessary. On a given day, you may find one of our office professionals helping with shipping, cleaning, or even unloading a trailer. Each person on our staff is forklift trained and certified so we can maintain the utmost flexibility. We are definitely not a traditional office but our folks work hard, solve problems, and deal with customers all within the context of a single day.

Our shipping dept is the last stop on each part’s journey. After a part is sold, the pick list is printed each morning and this one-person dept pulls, packs, and ships each part. We’re a small business but shipping here is not run like a small business. We run it professionally, minimizing damage to some pretty expensive, heavy parts each and every day.

With special thanks to everyone here and everyone who has come before, let me say that the professionals on my staff are hard-working, reliable, and trustworthy. To join this fine group of people, you have to be all of the above as well as being detail-oriented, positive, goal-oriented, constantly motivated, and a lot more. We’re demanding here but we are also in a constant state of growth, both as a team and as individuals. I set out to make this business great and that starts and ends with great people. If that’s you and the timing is right, send us a message and let’s find out if we have a match.

James Foster, Owner
Southcentral Outboards

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