How to Search Our Website


Primarily, we have listed every individual part with a part number. If you know your part number and we have it, you will be able to find it by part number. When inputting an Johnson, Evinrude, or OMC part, do not use the "0" at the beginning of the part number. For example, do not put in 0582508. Just search 582508. Most mechanics and shops don’t use this. We've used the "0" more often than originally, but we will always have the part number listed without that.

With Mercury parts, there is usually a designator code at the beginning. For example, gear 55608 is technically 43-55608. You do not usually need this designator. We've listed all of our Mercury parts without it, although we’ve begun to use the "43-" more often in recent months. Just searching “55608” will get you there, either way.

If you don't know your part number or how to find it, you can search by name. To do that, you’ll at least need to know the year and HP of your engine. Be wary, though. Sometimes manufacturers have different models in the same year and a part number may have changed. However, generally speaking, you can search for Evinrude 50 flywheel and it’s going to come up. Our staff has literally spent tens of thousands of hours breaking down part numbers, superceding them, and inserting cross-references into our listings. We want to make sure you can find the right part, order the right part, and receive the right part.

If, for any reason, you are unsure how to find the correct part for your engine, contact us.

A general guideline for what we'll need:

  • Johnson/Evinrude: Model Number
  • Mercury: Serial Number and HP
  • Force & Chrysler: Model Number
  • Suzuki, Nissan/Tohatsu, Yamaha, Yamaha Mariner, and all other engines: Just give us everything on the nameplate.

If you don't know how to find the nameplate for the serial or model, please see our How To's on the main page. There’s a tutorial there that will explain it.