128 Marine Parts


Meet Brittani, master of all things 128. Brittani is kind of like a sister (annoying at times, but always ready with a doughnut if you’re having a bad day) but you clicked this link to hear about our SISTER COMPANY, not our annoying sister.

We opened 128 Marine Parts around the 1st of 2019. Southcentral Outboards was already overtasked with the listing, inventory, and shipping of the product we sell. If you’ve looked through the website and seen how focused SCO is on refurbishing work, rebuilds, etc…you can probably imagine the time and effort that takes, even for a staff this size. We found that we weren’t getting through a lot of the smaller parts, the new old stock, etc…and bringing it in so it could pile up by the truckload was never the goal. We brought Brittani on with the single goal of listing some of this inventory but doing so independently of SCO.

128 Marine Parts has its own scheme, rules, and processes. It is, and always will be, operated with the same high sense of integrity with regards to the sale of outboard parts, but it does not share the same cleaning, warranties, shipping, etc…as Southcentral Outboards. This is by design. Where you know what to expect from SCO, 128 Marine Parts has a goal to provide the smaller, simpler parts at the lowest possible prices we can offer. Some of the parts you see come through Brittani’s shop may not be quite as clean as what you’ve come to expect at SCO but without this model, we were not able to offer nearly as much product or serve so many customers as we now do.