Vapor Blasting Services Form


In order to expedite your work and get parts back to you as quickly as possible, please print, fill out, and send this form with your parts. If possible, please email us in advance so we can arrange our schedule to best meet your parts needs.

As soon as we finish your parts, we will contact you by phone for payment. Please understand any quote we have provided is an estimate. Your final charge will be for the exact time and shipping required.

  • Shipping: You will pay for the shipping to us. We will charge exactly what we pay for return shipping.  Small orders are usually processed through USPS and larger orders are processed through Fedex. If you need other shipping arrangements, please let us know beforehand and we can quote that.
  • Service: We have a 1 hour minimum.  Times vary to some extent based on the condition of the parts we receive. We are set up to clean, degrease, dry blast, and vapor blast.  We do not offer welding or painting services. If you intend to paint all or part of an engine when you receive your parts, please advise us beforehand and we will leave a suitable finish for paint work.
  • Tax: All services out of state are tax free. If you are in the state of Illinois, we will charge you tax unless you are a certified business with a Tax ID.
  • Disclaimer: Vapor blasting removes grease, oxidation, corrosion, carbon, rust, tarnish, etc… This process is most suitable for aluminum, brass, bronze, and stainless. It leaves a satin matte finish. It is not a polished finish. If there is pitting underneath all of that tarnish, we're going to expose it but we can’t make pitting disappear. If steel parts are sent, we will clean them to the best of our ability, usually with dry glass beading, and we will treat those parts with a quality corrosion inhibitor suitable for steel. We will remove all glass bead from a part before it is corrosion inhibited but please do your due diligence in checking the part over carefully prior to putting the engine back in service.  Left over glass bead is detrimental to an engine so we promise to do our best and ask that you do the same. Antique outboards often have damage hidden under grease. It's the nature of the beast. Vapor blasting is an exceptionally gentle process but it’s still going to expose pitting, cracks, and whatever other damage is under the tarnish. By signing this form, you are placing your parts and your trust in our hands and we will treat your parts with the utmost care. Your signature on this form releases Southcentral Outboards from any and all liability related to damage found on the parts during the cleaning process.  Damages incurred during shipping will be covered by UPS and USPS up to the amount you claim the value to be, as stated below.
  • Payment is required within 30 days of the work being finished. If payment is not submitted or other arrangements made, parts are considered to be abandoned and will be disposed of by Southcentral Outboards.

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