Johnson Evinrude Seal 853858

  • Brand: Johnson Evinrude
  • Condition: New
  • Notes: New Old Stock
  • SKU: 6857 NCB
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 853868
  • Country of Manufacture: United States
  • Other Part Number: 0853868
  • Warranty: 30 days
  • Inventory Number: 6839 NCB
  • Website Category: Steering
  • Website Sub Category: MIscellaneous
  • UPC: 74541928714
Item Description Johnson Evinrude
Part Number 853868 which also fits 873291, 958838 and 941866
Condition New, in package.
Additional Info New-Generally in the package when possible but due to shelf time, these packages and boxes are sometimes dirty.  We try very hard to ensure that nothing has been removed, damaged from shelf life, etc...and items are guaranteed to be in brand new condition, complete, and so forth. Package may have been opened for pictures.

This fits a wide variety of years and horsepowers, if you have any questions please contact us.

Johnson Evinrude Seal  853858